Ecological environment : Networks Ecological

Focusing on the innovation oriented city development strategy,centered on Bay Valley Science and Technology Park ,relying on regional unique natural environment education,science and technology,cultural resources,the networks fuse three main bodies of technology,services sector,the financial sector,gathering scientific research units,growth enterprises,government departments , intermediary service of science and technology,incubator,investment institutions, science and technology media,and form incubation services,financial services,technology trading service into a whole industrial ecosphere.

Service ability:Services

Help enterprises ,technology projects and industries to continuously break through and rapidly grow up.
Develop from service oriented enterprises to creative enterprises.
Develop from the localization of enterprises to international enterprises.
Develop from the traditional enterprises to intelligent Enterprise

Operation Model:Business Model

Through fine management operations to achieve the full coverage of the business innovation industry service chain .
Strategic sectors: leading the development direction
Assets sector:improving operation efficiency
Party building departments:the guarantee of spiritual civilization

Shanghai Yangpu Science and Technology Business Incubator Center Profile

Shanghai Yangpu Technology Business Incubator Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Yangpu Venture”) was established in 1997. It has now become a national High-tech Innovation Service Center, a national public service demonstration platform for SMEs, one of the Shanghai high-tech enterprises and Shanghai civilized units, the Shanghai city enterprise cultural construction model base and one of the “Shanghai Famous Brand” enterprises. In 2016, Yangpu Venture won the nomination award of the “The Second Term of China Quality Award” and became the first business incubator to get this honor.Yangpu Venture integrates resources, strengthens financial and capital utilizations and innovates the form of services and management continuously over the years. It has been providing innovative series services for the survival and development of enterprises, including business mentor, market expansion, financing project reporting and technology transfer. According to the practical necessities of enterprises, Yangpu Venture has provided a strong support and guarantee for the growth and development of enterprises.Currently, Yangpu Venture has 10 science and technology parks, 9 functions subsidiaries, nearly one million square meters of science and technology parks,more than 3000 enterprise resources. They have already formed a complete group management system.

"One body two wings" strategy development layout

Incubation Service Section

Yangpu Technology Business Incubator will always take fostering technology enterprises and entrepreneurs as a mission and actively participate in building regional inno-vation environment by extending service chain, building entrepreneurial nursery, prolonging the service chain and establishing a business accelerator. Yangpu Venture initi-ated “Yangpu whole chain incubation model Model with implanting quality factor".This model corresponds to the three growth stages of start-ups and is based on three sets of service specifications. It build a three-level coach-ing system through implanting the quality factors of stan-dards, metrology, culture, brands and performance. Then it has formed the "incubator service Soduku ".The three growth stages refer to a ladder type hatching stage called “entrepreneurial nursery + incubator + accelerator”. The three-level coaching system means “liaison + counselor + mentor” and the three sets of service specifications are “nursery service specification”, “incubator service manu-al” and “accelerator service regulation".

Science and Technology Finace Section

Yangpu Technology Business Incubator aims at the dif-ferent financial needs of small and medium sized science and technology enterprises when they are in different development levels, takes the full advantages of its own comprehensive science and technology service through and integrates banking, insurance, financial guarantee, venture capital funds and other various resources. It has developed a variety of integrated innovative products which are tailor-made for the science technology SMEs. Center also provided one-stop and personalized public financing service platforms. In addition, in order to ex-pand the unique and innovative service model of Yangpu Venture better, it has also invested in Fudan Science Park Innovation Center, Shanghai Lingang Marine Science and Technology Center for entrepreneurship, SUFE (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics) Science and Tech-nology Park, Shanghai Electric Power Science and Tech-nology Park, Shanghai Tongji Science and Technology Park Incubator, Shanghai Xinhua Cultural Innovation and Technology Park, Shanghai Chinese Library Cultural and Creative Industrial Park and other science and technology parks and incubators with special industrialization. Yang-pu Venture cooperated with local parks and built effective carriers on docking with science, technology, finance and service resources. Yangpu Venture further expanded the channels of financial development of science and technol-ogy and enhanced the influence of the brand of Yangpu Venture.

Technology Transfer Section

Focus on the central goal of building The International Technology Transfer Functional Area of Zhangjiang Demonstration Zone, Yangpu Venture strengthens the cohesion power to build the National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center. Yangpu Venture takes its own mission to be the innova-tion forerunner and fore-trier, leading into international resources and platform constructions and setting all-in-one function of technology transfer, incubation guidance, science and finance, international docking. It will promote the powerful combination of technology and capital mar-ket and ultimately form of strong science and education resources, high technology industry cluster, technology transfer mechanism, technology innovation of the trans-action model for the national technology transfer strategy through the mass gathering domestic and international top technology and the realization of transaction and keen practice of technical standard of financial innovation. It aims at accelerating the implementation of the docking system between the international technology transfer functional gathering area and the transformation of sci-ence and technology achievements in each branch parks. It will become a global scientific and technological inno-vation hub as well as a science and technology innovation demonstration area with global influence.

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